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Professor Andres Montenegro


Department of Visual Communication and Design

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Department of Visual Communication and Design


From Felix the Cat to Judy Hopps, the animation industry is full of anthropomorphic animal characters. For my poster presentation, I will make a comprehensive study that explores both the history of these characters and the success of their designs. In doing this, I will be putting a spotlight on why these types of characters exist, as well as the influence they’ve had on their audience. Here is what I’ll need to do to achieve that goal: z

1. Study the origins and history of these characters.
2. Analyze several different characters’ personality and design.
3. Compare and contrast anthropomorphic characters to similar human characters in how they exchange behavioral, psychological, and acting performances.
4. Replicate analytic findings with one or more example characters.

This project will help me grow as an animator in a professional setting, as so many large animation companies use these characters for their projects. Additionally, the conclusion of this project will be applied to other creative endeavors outside of animation such as character design for animal-based costumes and animal characters in comics and graphic novels.

Anthropomorphic Animals and Animation