Cutie Fruity



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Professor James Gabbard


Department of Visual Communication & Design

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Department of Visual Communication & Design


Current beer brands fall short in offering packaging and branding that is visually appealing to women. To solve this, I want to create a unique Beer Brand for Women using visual design that is different than many of the current brands on the market. My goal is to see if I can create packaging and promotional materials that will address the different buying habits of women. Through my studies and research at IPFW I have learned that men and women have different ideas on what is visually appealing. This research and study prompted me to explore this topic. To prove this idea, I created all the branding, marketing and advertising material required for a new brand of beer. This new company will produce and package beer with designs implemented to appeal to the female market. I used colors and designs that were specifically created to visually appeal to my target audience. The proposed impact that my project will have is an increase in beer sales to women, and possibly a different way that other companies package and market to women.

Cutie Fruity