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Department of Visual Communication and Design

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Department of Visual Communication and Design


Modeling and Animation Creative Project I am presenting a Creative/ Research project of a short animation movie using the technique of computer graphics 3D animation based on the work of Nathan Greno and Bryan Howard, the top animators for the film Tangled. The main purpose of this creative project is how to take a personal idea and to transform it into an animation, with the similar animating technique of both Nathan Greno and Bryan Howard, and how I can create using the methods and captivating style that Nathan Greno and Bryan Howard use to tell a story. The goals of my project are to understand more on how to use computer graphics, how to create a character and to understand the visual effects that are necessary to make an animation look clean and interesting. The idea that came to mind was to take this certain animation style and turn it into a silent film. The main character would be a bullmastiff that helps children who have recently passed away. The children that the dog helps are considered lost. For the animation the bullmastiff finds children with no color. The dog then leads the child around to memorable places for the child to help regain his or her memory. As the child to starts to regain memory, color is added. Once the child fully remembers his or her child can pass to the other side. When that child goes away, the bullmastiff starts again with finding another colorless or lost child and starts again. The bullmastiff would take a dominate role to lead the children to regain their memories. This idea heavily depends on background music, as it would be a silent film. I want to learn more about the process of building a character in a CGI system. I would be looking up how to design a character with the style of the Disney animated film Tangled, which is CGI. The next thing that I would do would be to learn and research about some of the features to make a 3D film smooth and visually attractive. My last goal is how to do a storyboard. I would research how to communicate a simple or a complex idea from the animator narrative standpoint. The end result of this creative project will have an enormous impact in my future professional work as an animator, and to understand how to become a successful filmmaker in the animation industry.

The Child and the Dog