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Professor James Gabbard


Department of Visual Communication & Design

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Department of Visual Communication & Design


Most people have this stigma or preconceived notion that growing older is a bad thing. What I have found is that we can learn a lot from people who are more seasoned with age, and they are still living and experiencing new things each and every single day. I love hearing their stories, and I think they need to be shared. My project is a collection of these life experiences and reflections, titled “A Life Well Lived”. To create this project I did extensive research through surveys and personal one on one interviews with the elderly population. Many of the people I interviewed multiple times, collecting stories and images about them. I asked them research questions and personal questions regarding their thoughts on aging. I compiled these stories into a project highlighting their outlook on life and their experience. Through this process, I began to understand how people feel about aging and hope to open up a dialogue on the subject. In this way, I hope to reduce the stigma and fear associated with aging.

A Life Well Lived