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Professor James Gabbard


Department of Visual Communication & Design

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Department of Visual Communication & Design


Our society faces a large amount of fear and emotions surrounding the ideology of death. The intent of my project is to create a way that we as a society can come to understand the importance of better expressing our views on death and its relationship in the life cycle. My project is an effort to answer questions concerning death and create a means in which we can all more fully understand how to cope with the aspect of the life cycle. The process and product I will be creating to address the issue of death and the life cycle, will be to create a company that will promote and produce end of life celebrations for individuals. My company, “Bucket Party”, will work with individuals and families to create a celebration of life party that will take place while a person is still alive. This will allow the individual a chance to gather with family and friends to celebrate and reflect upon their life. By doing this, I hope to show that by celebrating an individual’s life and accomplishments, they can better come to terms with the end of life. I have already hosted one such party and the results and impact were profound. I hosted a Bucket party for a military veteran who was dying of cancer. Family, friends and loved ones gathered together to celebrate the life and accomplishments of this individual. Doing this prior to death is a unique and profound way to celebrate life and come to terms with mortality.

Bucket Party Thesis