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Professor Andres Montenegro

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Department of Visual Communication and Design

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Department of General Studies


“Revisiting and Reinventing the Technique of Kevin Gemin.” I am presenting a creative project to develop a short animation based on the work of Kevin Gemin, a French animator. The main purpose of this creative project proposal is to understand the animating technique of Kevin Gemin, and how he uses the somewhat unusual program of Flipnote Studio1 for his work. The impact of this technique is defined by its frame-by-frame method, and how the work of this artist can be applied today to Nintendo 3DS, 3D animation and gamin consoles. A fundamental goal of this project is to implement Gemin’s animation technique in the narrative of the short animation sequential process and how this process will help me to craft my own style of storyboarding and concept art. The goals of my project are to: ● Develop a character based on his animations in 2D and 3D, and how he is multifaceted for multiple media: video games, cinematic, and Virtual Reality. ● Study transition effects in the video animations, and how they help to enhance the animation narrative. ● Study and apply Kevin Gemin’s visual effects in his animated sequences and cinematic videos, such as Fade In Fade Out, Blinds, Dissolve, etc. The project will help me expand my knowledge and skill set as an artist and animator.

1 Flipnote Studio allows the user to create both word and picture-based notes with the stylus, add sound, and put them together to create frame-by-frame flipbook-style animations.

Animation of Kevin Gemin