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Professor Andres Montenegro


Department of Visual Communication & Design

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Department of Visual Communication & Design


“Revisiting/Recreate Walter Ruttmann animating technique”

I am presenting a Creative project of a short film using the technique of abstracted animation based on the work of Walter Ruttmann. The main purpose of this creative project proposal is to get a better understanding of the animation technique used by Walter Ruttmann and how he used abstract shapes to tell multiple stories. The goals of my project are:
1. Develop a few different types of shape sequences similar to Ruttmann’s Opus 1. 2. Study and apply the color technique used in Walter Ruttmann’s films.
3. Study and apply Ruttmann’s various shape movements.
4. Understand how Walter Ruttmann converts one shape into the next in a way that is pleasing to the eye.
5. Show how Rittman’s work contributes to today’s animation. The conclusion of this creative project will help give me a better understanding on how to integrate different animation techniques into my work. Exploring the style of Walter Guttmann will further give me the knowledge to become a better animator and graphic designer.

Walter Ruttmann Inspired Film