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Professor James Gabbard


Department of Visual Communication & Design

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Department of Visual Communication & Design


Although 29% of fertility treatments resulted in a live birth in 2013, the cost, emotional stress, and physical toll is enough to have couples searching for an alternative option. Adoption is expensive, but it is a fraction of the cost of fertility treatments, without the physical toll on a woman’s body, and allows couples become parents. Through my research and project, I will examine the options of adoption and educate the viewer on the benefits and expenses that adoption has for interested people. The research for this project centered heavily on the rules and intricacies for couples wishing to adopt, as well as the expenses involved. I explored some of the laws and regulations that are in place regarding adoption to help educate the viewer on this issue. This information will be demonstrated in my poster to visually showcase my findings. Through this process I discovered that there is a large financial burden on couples wishing to adopt. To assist with the high cost of adopting, I have created a not for profit organization that helps relieve the financial stress on adopting parents. Funds raised through my Adopt-a-Bow organization will be donated to couples in need. The products created through my organization will be sold and funds raised will be given to couples who demonstrate a financial need and a desire to adopt.