Children of Cienfuegos


Children of Cienfuegos


Faculty Sponsor

James Gabbard


Department of Visual Communication & Design


I am going to be documenting through photography, the lives of the people of Cienfuegos, located in the Dominican Republic. This is an area within the Dominican that has poor housing, few paying jobs and extremely poor living conditions. The people of Cienfuegos are considered squatters on land that they do not own. This is true even if they have built a house to live in. The area is so poor and destitute that people essentially find a small area of land and construct a very basic house to provide shelter. It is an area adjacent to the city of Santiago’s trash dump. This creates conditions in which many people living in the area, roam the dump for food, toys, and daily needs. These conditions have caused respiratory and gastric problems among many of the people here and is an unsuitable place for any human being to live. I will be traveling to Cienfuegos for a week and performing research on these people and how their life is different than ours. I will also be taking photos in order to observe more fully and share the people of Cienfuegos’ way of life. After research, I will be comparing and contrasting their way of life with our life here in the US, as well as researching new ways to help these people change their life. My hope is that I can bring to light a very serious humanitarian crisis that is not very well know here in the United States.

Children of Cienfuegos