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Kim Lloyd




The purpose of this research study is to explore students’ desire to marry while earning a college degree. I hypothesize that women will be less likely than men to wish to marry while earning a bachelor’s degree. I also hypothesize that undergraduate students who experienced a parental divorce will be more likely to desire postponing marriage until after they finish their college education. Data was collected from a sample of 678 undergraduate IPFW students during the spring of 2018. Descriptive and Multivariate analyses indicate that women are less desirous of marriage prior to college completion than are their male counterparts. Analyses also indicate that undergraduate students that come from divorced families are more likely to desire postponing marriage until after they finish college compared to students who were raised in intact family households. These results support findings of previous research that indicates a strong relationship between gender and marriage plans – with women and those raised in divorced households being more likely to wish to postpone marriage and until after completing their college education when compared to men and those raised in intact families. Marriage and divorce plays a role in many people’s lives in today’s society, and it is common for people to gain a college education. Therefore, it is important to gain more insight on students gaining a college education and their marital desires.



Marriage and Divorce: Undergraduate Students’ Attitudes on Marriage while Earning a College Education

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