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James Gabbard


Visual Communication and Design


If you were to ask the general public their feelings about bees, most would say that they are terrifying, or maybe that they are allergic to them. The truth about bees is terrifying, but not because of their stinger. The bee population is rapidly dwindling. Bees are responsible for pollinating 30 percent of the world's crops and 90 percent our wild plants.Without bees, we would have to start self-pollinating, or we wouldn’t have any food. Maybe your argument would be that you are mostly a carnivore? All of the meat that you eat, cows, chickens, ect … rely on those plants as well. The dwindling bee population goes further still. The rapid loss of bees is also effecting the plant life, which effects the animals, which also effects the planet as a whole. Plants are responsible for filtering most of the air on the planet. The build-up of CO2 is causing global warming. It is all one big cycle that we, as humans can help. My thesis is to bring awareness to the general public about the bees. I want to educate them on the mannerisms of bees, how they don’t want to cause harm, how important they are to us and the planet, and what EVERYONE can do to help.I have done this through the power of graphic design and photography. I am trying to portray the seriousness of the dwindling bee population while still trying to celebrate the bees that are alive and celebrate what they do. I have written a book, built a display, and made multiple take-aways to help aid in my purpose. I can’t completely stop the bees from dying, we all have to do that together. I hope to encourage people with my display and my information to help as much as they can. Many people have no idea its even a problem,many people hate bees are scared of them and with my display I hope to change that.

Bee Here Now : Pollination, Food for A Nation