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James C. Campbell


Visual Communication and Design


Imagine you are at your job. Your coworkers decorate their desks—vacation photos, family photos, pictures of their spouse and their children. These decorations and photographs are fond memories that push them to work through both good and bad days—to keep pushing to work better. Coworkers can talk about their families to each other, allowing them to connect and become a more cohesive team. Now imagine being afraid to set up a picture of your own spouse or your own family for fear of being fired because he or she is of the same sex. In over half the states one can be fired for being LGBT—the reality is that being openly LGBT at work can be a gamble with your career. Fired not for being a bad employee, but for who they are and who they love—something that has no bearing on one’s ability to perform a job.One of these states is our own. While some counties and cities—such as FortWayne— may have nondiscrimination ordinances in place, the fact is that the state as a whole does not. Rainbow Ties is an information campaign that brings these challenges to light not to demonize businesses as a whole. This project criticizes businesses that have discriminated and praise ones that are preventing these practices. This information campaign has been created to inform the public about these issues and instruct them as to how they can help. Through the use of software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, I created my designs—such as posters and a booklet—to show the pervasive lack of nondiscrimination protections for LGBT individuals.While many may understand and be sympathetic to the concept at first glance, they may not understand the scope of the issue. Until we can solve these issues through non-discrimination laws (which I also advocate) businesses will have to take matters into their own hands to prevent and protest discrimination and the general public can research and challenge businesses that allow discrimination. This information campaign and design work will be realized through my skills as a graphic designer and member of the Department of Visual Communication and Design.

Rainbow Ties: LGBT Discrimination in the Workforce