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Kim Lloyd

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Division of Organizational Leadership & Supervision


Improving academic performance is an important concern not only for students but also for members of their families, universities, and communities. Receiving support undoubtedly enhances students' performance. The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between forms of college students' social support and their level of academic performance. I hypothesize that students who receive high levels of emotional and financial support from their family will out-perform those who do not receive similar levels of support. I also examine the impact of receiving campus support on students' academic performance. Academic performance is measured as students’ self-reported GPA. I hypothesize that greater levels of family and campus support will result in high academic performance as measured by current GPA. Preliminary data analysis of 659 undergraduate students during the spring semester of 2018 support these hypotheses. Students receiving greater support out-perform students not receiving support from their family and/or campus.



Social Support and IPFW Students Academic Performance

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