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Abdullah Eroglu

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A hybrid energy storage system configuration, novel to the author’s knowledge, was introduced. Interleaving the super capacitor between the ESD and DC-link capacitor, the super capacitor now directly handles all power demands, transient or steady state, and the ESD functions to maintain the super capacitor charge. Differentiation regarding the nature of the power demand is eliminated, thus reducing the system’s control complexity. Due to the voltage-energy storage relationship characterizing any capacitor, the application of the Adaptive Sliding-Mode DC-DC control design successfully addresses voltage permutations to ensure the required output voltage. Bi-directional power flow, important to the continuous hybrid energy storage system operation, is fulfilled by this scheme as well. In addition, the proactive design streamlines implementation, provided suitable response thresholds are initially available. Finally, continuous successful operation is fulfilled with supplemental protection controls, ensuring component life. The operation results were attained through simulation with Matlab’s Simulink and the Simulink Power Systems toolkits. Such results are valid as the physical elements are defined by the fundamental component operation characteristic formulas. By following the design procedure summary, this system is applicable to any adequately defined situation.



Super Capacitors for Hybrid Storage Applications

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