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James Gabbard


Visual Communication and Design


As a child, I remember being outside and wondering how all of these pretty dots appeared in the sky. Growing up, I began to learn how those dots formed images. I taught myself how to find the basics; the big dipper, the little dipper, Orion, and Cassiopeia.While in high school I took an Astronomy course, and fell more in love with the night sky. Those stars that form the images in the sky, they have stories. And the sky has a night of adventures to give us. According to, 20% of Americans confuse Astrology and Astronomy. That’s about 1 in 5 Americans, which really surprised me. So, I have created a book with illustrated constellations that include their mythological stories. The book is aimed towards young adults, creating an engaging way to learn about the constellations and their stories. Books on astronomy are usually boring, with outdated illustrations and language. I retold the stories in a way that is better understood, in a language used in today’s society; this way people can become more engaged and inspired to continue learning more. This is not to be confused as a guide to locating the stars and constellations but more so learning the history and mythological stories behind those stars in our sky through imagery, illustrations, and of course stories. The sky has so much entertainment to offer us, yet so many people have no idea of the stories that encompass the constellations. I believe that young adults who become excited about these stories might then be motivated to learn more about astronomy and the scientific wonders of our universe.

Over Our Heads: The Constellations and Their Stories