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James Gabbard


Visual Communication and Design


In the 1950's, approximately 10% of Americans were considered obese. Today, according to the CDC, 38% of Americans are considered obese and 70% of Americans are considered overweight. Obesity rates are at an all-time high, and diets intended to help those rates don’t just don’t. For this reason, I created a food education system called Back To Basics: Because Diets Don’tWork. I believe there is a lack of understanding in our society’s view of food and nutrition. People go on fad-diets all the time, but when they stop follow the strict guidelines, they stop losing weight or start gaining it back. People need to understand how we gain weight and what different foods do to our bodies so they can be armed with accurate information when they shop at the grocery or eat out in restaurants. After all of my research, I’ve come to 3 initial conclusions on problems America faces: overconsumption, malnutrition, and nutritional longevity. I've created a book that takes the three problems and digs in deep to explain how each work in our lives. Each section then has an 'application' feature, so readers can apply what they've learned to their lives in attempts to better themselves. Overconsumption deals with a lack of portion control in the United States, and teaches about portion control, how calories work, and psychological factors that exist in the brain that promote overconsumption without us realizing it. The application in this section is a food journal to initiate a shock factor in users who don’t realize how much food they are consuming. Malnutrition exists in our society because people don’t know what they should be fueling their body with. We are a fast food based, pre packaged, boxed food society. This section teaches about macronutrients like carbohydrates, protein, and fats. It also details micronutrients like vitamins and minerals that are important in our diets, as well. The application feature in this book is a detailed explanation on how to read a nutrition label and what to watch for in an ingredient list. Everyone has a need for nutritional longevity. This section focuses on what certain food groups do to your body and that by switching up specific groups you could get a better night’s sleep, stop getting headaches, etc. The application in this section is a list of simple ingredient switches people can follow in recipes, restaurants, and snack choices.

Back to Basics: Because Diets Don't Work