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Zesheng Chen; Guoping Wang


Computer Science

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Computer Science; Electrical and Computer Engineering


The Internet of Things (IoT) is made up of multiple Internet-connected devices with sensors. Its true value lies in the data that interconnected items share. The IoT may, for instance, lead to improved highways, more efficient hospitals, and changes in how goods are shipped. The IoT has also added a new term to the lexicon: “business intelligence.” For example, when the sensor in a smart water resource management system detects that the water levels in a tank are too low, the system will call you and allow you to remotely refill the tank from a reservoir. Other IoT projects include controlling home electronics from the office, locating empty spaces in parking lots, checking carbon monoxide levels, and monitoring crops. IoT technology may find wide applications in many areas, such as healthcare, smart homes and buildings, smart cities, retail, energy, manufacturing, mobility and transportation, and logistics. The goal of this research is to investigate, design, and implement an affordable smart home based on IoT technology. Smart homes can make life easier and keep homes more secure. However, many smart home systems currently on the market are expensive and require a company’s specific devices. In this research, an affordable smart-home system is built by using low price microcontrollers and devices already in many homes. Specifically, the smart home is designed based on a web system that allows a user to remotely view the status of lights, blinds, and fans at home and monitor a security camera from a web browser. A Raspberry Pi microcontroller is applied to host a website and interact with all the previously mentioned devices. Our system also allows a user to send commands to control their devices remotely, such as turn off the lights, speed up the fan, or take a photo or video from the security camera. The main contribution of this research is to build a basic, affordable smart home system that, with a few modifications, can be used in many residences, based on the technologies of the IoT. It also serves as a starting point for a more advanced system that controls more devices and provides more security alerts.


Computer Sciences | Engineering

Building an Affordable Smart Home Based on Internet of Things