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Using Collective System Design (CSD) methodology, an approach to diabetes early detection and reversal was established for use by doctors and nurses in the FortWayne community to teach proper treatment plans and reduce the number of diabetic cases. Applying the CSD methodology starts with the tone of the people to redesign a system. Improvement in tone can be accomplished by re-educating about diabetes, as defined by the System Design Map for Early Detection and Reversal of Diabetes. The tone of the system design map fosters an environment that views human failure as a failure of the system design itself. Thus, continuous improvement, through the Plan-Do-Check- Act (PDCA) cycle, will allow for easier adherence to the required lifestyle changes. This system design map represents a model approach for disease management. Saving millions of lives through a sustainable lifestyle redesign program with the required diet and exercise is the motivation for this paper.



Disease Management Through Collective System Design (CSD) Approach

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