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Faculty Sponsor

James Gabbard


Visual Communication and Design


Five of the world’s lowest literacy rates are located inWest Africa. Less than 40% of people there can’t read or write, majority of which being women. Most families in the developing world don’t have the financial means to support their children in school. Education is a huge component in improving lives. In order to enhance the future of education in these countries, I created the company Fill in the Blank. Fill in the Blank is a brand dedicated to giving school supplies to every child in need. Our company sells pencils, notebooks, backpacks, t-shirt, and more. In addition to purchasing our products people can also learn how they are making an impact by reading our blog, located on our website. We want to encourage education by donating 50% of our profits received by supporting nonprofit organizations who provide schooling for children in developing countries. In every child’s life, they deserve a chance to Fill in the Blanks with opportunity.

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