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James Gabbard


Visual Communication and Design


My name is Molly Schenkel, and I would like to present my company, Recovery Made to the IPFW faculty. Throughout the last year spent at IPFW, I have been researching the multiple homeless shelters and halfway homes for women throughout the FortWayne and surrounding areas, and have started my own company in teaching these women on how to make and sell jewelry. The process of this undertaking is to go into the houses that I have partnered up with, The Charis House, Place of Grace and Turning Point shelter, and teach a different skill within the process of jewelry making. These skills include learning how to thread, bead and set up 6 key pieces of jewelry throughout different classes. As I work with the women, we share stories and life experiences that have brought us to where we are. All of the jewelry is then collected and sold within local boutiques and shops in the FortWayne area, with the money going back to each house of which that piece of jewelry was made. My project is more hands-on and active based research. I have been learning about what it takes to form a business, as well as how women’s creativity can help when experiencing a crisis in their lives. I would love to present and share my experience and findings with you.

Recovery Made