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Julia Smith


Educational Studies


This poster will highlight work that I did for honors credit in Child Development during the fall 2017 semester under the supervision of Dr. Julia Smith. The primary focus will be to show how in-depth observations of one child (name changed to Ava) in the elementary school setting can lead to individual planning in the classroom. I have chosen to focus primarily on social emotional, cognitive, and language development that occurred in Ava over the past two months of observation for my coursework and honors credit. These observations took place within timed increments in a natural setting in which I documented the child’s behavior and development in each domain. I used information from my observations to implement teaching strategies that will build her current development capabilities while scaffolding new knowledge and skills for the child. Each lesson plan has been tailored to the needs of Ava to individualize her learning based on the observations. During my fifteen weeks of observation at an East Allen County District School, I have also used research and theories of child development to inform and strengthen my teaching practice and working with the child. My knowledge of Ava’s educational progress has given me great confidence that she will benefit from the individualization and that these three uniquely tailored lesson plans can be used to further work with the child’s developmental strengths in a positive direction. The social emotional lesson plan holds a primary focus of improving Ava’s social and emotional understandings of others. These understandings include concepts of empathy, self-efficacy, and self-control of English and Language Arts Indiana State standards. Using my observations as my tool, I will use this lesson plan as a tool to help Ava overcome and identify emotions within conversational topics inside the classroom and during group activities. A cognitive lesson plan was designed to aid in Ava’s understanding of number sense, currency, and measurement of numbers. This lesson plan was also created for Ava to acquire cognitive strategies, self- regulation, and study skills that happen within her child development. A language development lesson plan was also used to serve a phonological and syntactic developmental purpose to build Ava’s fluency of text. The language lesson plan also was also focused on partnering child development theory and English and Language Arts Indiana State Standards related to sentence structure and comprehension of phonological awareness inside selected texts. My primary focus for this research project was Ava’s social and emotional development. Using the social-emotional developmental lesson plan, I wish to use my observations to help her reach her goal of self-control, self-efficacy, and empathy development. This would be accomplished using this lesson plan and standards of the text to grow her understandings of labeling emotions and tailoring awareness of other people’s feelings. I hope that using this poster I can represent and show my knowledge of Ava’s social, emotional, and cognitive child development through in-depth observation inquiries.

A Case Study of Child Development: An Individualized Approach to Lesson Planning