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Visual Communication and Design


We algorithmically find dates on tinder. We skip friendship and head straight to sex. We ghost each other because we can't give or take rejection.We fight and break up over text. We cheat over text. We have full blown relationships over text. We decide flowers are too expensive so Netflix and chill is courting enough.We've invented a dating limbo where questioning infidelity is considered clingy. We called it "talking". We crave the drama and the chase of intimacy, yet we're so afraid to provide it. We hide ourselves. We kiss for likes.We lock our phones. We block. We creep.We pry. We are the loveless generation. This body of work explores the element of digital communication as it pertains to our “Loveless” generation. Moments that should be shared in person like a first “I love you” or a breakup can now be carried out over phone lines, allowing people to bypass the repercussions of mistreating someone. To communicate this message, I asked my Instagram followers to submit text messages they received from a lover or ex-lover that they felt would not have been said in person. Upon posting a call out, I received hundreds of texts that were mean, hurtful, controlling, and even absurd. I am combining my own photographs with these real text messages that people from the millennial generation have received. This collection of work showcases the disconnect that comes with an emotional connection shared via technology.

Millenials as a Loveless Generation