Student Affairs and Enrollment Management promotes an accessible, affordable, and student-centered campus environment through its services, programs, and policies.

Our strategic priorities with regard to the mission are to:

  • Recruit, enroll, engage, retain, and graduate a diverse and talented student body
  • Foster acquisition and application of knowledge, critical thinking, and communication skills*
  • Promote multiculturalism, global perspectives, and social justice*
  • Develop commitment to service, leadership, and citizenship*
  • Encourage ethical and values-driven decision-making
  • Cultivate and celebrate excellence
  • Involve campus and community partners
  • Utilize current assessment and research, promising practices, and appropriate and innovative technologies
  • Advance the scholarship of practice and teaching in student affairs and enrollment management
  • Uphold the highest standards of our institutions and our profession

* Reflecting the learning outcomes identified in IPFW’s Baccalaureate Framework


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