Submissions from 2016


In Memory of Andrew R.L. Cayton: A Historiographical Essay, Barton E. Price

Submissions from 2014

Making Change Happen in Student Affairs: Challenge and Strategies for Professionals, George McClellan, Margaret J. Barr, and Arthur Sandeen

Religion, Reform, and Patriotism in Southern Illinois: A Case Study, 1852-1900, Barton E. Price

Submissions from 2013

Best practices for national organizations to support the Native experience in higher education, George McClellan and John Garland

Evangelical responses to the Christian America thesis, Barton E. Price

Submissions from 2012

Stepping Up to Stepping Out: Helping Students Prepare for Live after College, George McClellan and J. Parker

The Handbook for College Athletics and Recreation Administration, George S. McClellan, C. King, and D. Rockey

Submissions from 2011

Budgets and Financial Management in Higher Education, George McClellan and Margaret J. Barr

Submissions from 2009


Will it work both here and there? The AISP model in various institutional contexts., George McClellan, Susan Ecklund-Leen, Robert Gatti, and Joan Kindle

The Hanbook for Student Affairs Administration, George McClellan and Jeremy Stringer

Submissions from 2008


In Search of Safer Communities: Emerging Practices for Student Affairs in Addressing Campus Violence, George McClellan, Margaret Jablosnki, Eugene Zdziarski, David Ambler, Renee Barnett-Terry, Les Cook, John Dunkle, Bob Gatti, Elizabeth Griego, and Joan Kindle

Submissions from 2006

Gambling on Campus, George McClellan, Thomas Hardy, and Chris King

Submissions from 2005

Toward technological bloat and academic technocracy: The Information Age and higher education, George McClellan, Gary Cruz, Amy Metcalf, and Richard Wagoner

Serving Native American Students, George McClellan, Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox, and Shelly Lowe

Submissions from 2000

Planning, financing, and managing facilities and their services, George McClellan and Margaret J. Barr

An overview of relevant theories and models for student affairs practice, George McClellan, Mary Desler, and Kelly Carter