Submissions from 2014

A Return to Childhood: How we Speak and Why we Lose our Voices, Jeff Casazza

Devising Theatre through Movement and Music, Jeff Casazza

Essential Openings: Drawing in the Audience Immediately!, Jeff Casazza

Spatial Awareness: Building Ensembles & Creating Story, Jeff Casazza

The Transformative Power of Breath, Jeff Casazza

Transforming Dream Imagery into Performance, Jeff Casazza

Using Kinesthetic Awareness to Create Language and Story, Jeff Casazza

Submissions from 2013

Attack, Defend, Escape - Using Play to Embody Objectives and Tactics, Jeff Casazza

Devising a Structure to Teach Devising: Creating Theatre through Sound and Movement in Space and Time, Jeff Casazza

Physical Dramaturgy Book Research Group, Jeff Casazza

Submissions from 2012

Objectives and Creating Story through Lecoq's Opposites, Jeff Casazza

Physical Table Work Exploring Brecht, Jeff Casazza

The Democratization of the Actor: Do we really want to consider their viewpoint?, Jeff Casazza

What's Up with this Joint?, Jeff Casazza

Submissions from 2011

Developing the Creative Spirit: Danger or Safety - Myth or Legacy, Jeff Casazza

Don't Fence Me In, Jeff Casazza

Flowing into the Tragic Chorus, Jeff Casazza

Interdisciplinarity in Local Contexts: Sharing Resources between College Departments in Performance, Classes and Technology, Jeff Casazza

Physicalizing Give and Take: When Stanislavski Meets the Viewpoints, Jeff Casazza

The Kinesthetic Response of Image Theatre, Jeff Casazza

The Movement Imagery of Sound, Jeff Casazza

Zen and the Art of Spatial Awareness, Jeff Casazza

How to Survie and Thrive in the Collaborative Process without Jedi Mind Tricks, mark a. delancey

Submissions from 2010

Discovering the Vibrancy of Shakespeare's Verse, Jeff Casazza

Flowing into the Tragic Chorus, Jeff Casazza

Movement Scores Illuminating the Text, Jeff Casazza

Spatial Awareness through Developmental Movement, Jeff Casazza

Submissions from 2009

Directing in the Classroom and Teaching in Rehearsal, Jeff Casazza

Seeing With Your Body, Jeff Casazza

Shakespeare's Verse Revealed by the Inner Dancer, Jeff Casazza