The 8th Annual History Undergraduate Conference was held on Saturday, February 6, 2016 in the Steel Dynamics Keith E. Busse IPFW Alumni Center. Fifteen History (and Biology, English, Psychology, and Women's Studies) majors presented their research on a wide variety of topics.
8:50-10:10 AM Panel: "CIA and the Cold War"
10:20-11:20 AM Panel: "Heresy and War"
11:25-12:25 PM Panel: "Explorations in American Culture"
12:30-1:15 PM Panel: "Mexico: Domestic Transformations and International Relations"
2:20-3:40 PM Panel: "United States As a Work in Progress"

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United States As a Work in Progress
Mexico: Domestic Transformations and International Relations
Explorations in American Culture
Heresy and War
CIA and the Cold War
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