Submissions from 2017

Grimm and Grotesk, Peter Bella

Submissions from 2016

Bellafondita, Peter Bella

Bellafondita, Peter Bella

Bellafondita, “Typography & Printing: past, present, and future,”, Peter Bella

Prototype, Peter Bella

Submissions from 2015

American Stereotypography, Peter Bella

Poster, Peter Bella

Typology of Typography, Peter Bella

An Arts and Crafts Inspired Interior Space, Suining Ding

Visual and Performing Arts Faculty Show, Andres R. Montenegro

Submissions from 2014

A Dream or a Memory, Mikhael Antone

Mainland, Mikhael Antone

Regional Impact: Works from I.U. Regional Campus Art Facultiesf, Mikhael Antone

Sense of Place, Mikhael Antone

New York State of Mind, Peter Bella

THINK, Peter Bella

A Design Concept: Sleek Modern Design Meets Historical Charm, Suining Ding

My Writing Journey, Suining Ding

Augmented Reality Installation, Andres R. Montenegro

VCD 14, Andres R. Montenegro

VCD14, James E. Williams

Book Arts Collections, James Willimas

Submissions from 2013

Book Arts Collections, James E. Williams

Submissions from 2012

The Other, James E. Williams

Submissions from 2011


Dreamscapes and the Subconcious. Interactive show at IPFW Visual Arts gallery, Andres R. Montenegro and Allen Etter

Members’ Exhibition, James E. Williams

Members’ Exhibition, James E. Williams

Submissions from 2009

I Feel Their Bones As My Bones, Benita Brewer

Nine Images from the ‘Hospice Series’, Acceptance, Family, Traveling, Washing Away, Bed Sore, Breakdown, Comfort Management, Peace Through Sleep, and Prayer, Benita Brewer

Nine images from the ‘Hospice Series’ combined into one 36”x 24” image, renamed Hospice., Benita Brewer

Playground, Benita Brewer

Samhain's Ruler, Benita Brewer

Three digital paintings, Backyard Dreaming, I am made of light, I am made of stars, and Mandela of Maternal Spirit, Benita Brewer

Three Photographs, Earth, Snow, and Resting, Benita Brewer

20/20, Richard Elaver

Art4Sale 2009, Richard Elaver

IDEAS09: Arts at the Digital Edge, Richard Elaver

L'art de la Joaillerie, Richard Elaver

makeshift, Richard Elaver

Annual Juried Photography Exhibit, Jim Gabbard

Annual Members Exhibit and Annual Photography Exhibit, Jim Gabbard

Professional Photographers of Indiana’s Juried Annual Show, Jim Gabbard

Art Crawl, James E. Williams

Pushpin Gallery, “Quilts”, James E. Williams

Submissions from 2008

Time: Body, Soul, and Spirit, Benita Brewer

Dash Inn, Jim Gabbard

Wedding Albums, Jim Gabbard

Art In The Park, James E. Williams

IPFW Faculty Show, James E. Williams

Life Drawing Exhibit, James E. Williams

Self-Portrait Exhibit, James E. Williams

Submissions from 2007

Designer's Diary, Suining Ding

Function, Richard Nelipovich