Submissions from 2017

Humanistic Experiential Methodologies as Design Mechanism, Peter Bella

Typology of Typography, Peter Bella

Submissions from 2016

Designing InfoGraphics that Communicate, Peter Bella

Logo Design in a Brand Identity World, Peter Bella

Storytelling Telling in Publication Design, Student Project Critique & Evaluation, Peter Bella

Submissions from 2015

History, Society, Technology, & Typography, Dearly Discarded, Peter Bella

Typology of Typography: Methodological Associations Throughout History Hints Towards New Expressions within Visual Communication and Design, Peter Bella

The Impact of Hospital Lobbies’ Design on Wayfinding Performance: A Qualitative Inquiry, Suining Ding

The Impact of Hospital Lobbies’ Design on Wayfinding Performance: A Qualitative Inquiry, Suining Ding

The Impact of Physical Environment Design on Wayfinding Performance in Hospital Lobbies, Suining Ding

Indigenous African Cultural Signifiers in Afro-Cuban Visual Art: An Analysis of the Work of Three Contemporary Cuban Artists, David High-West

The Implementation of an Interactive Phenomenological Narrative Through Real Time 3D Animations, 2D Animations, 3D Models, Images, and Virtual Environments Using Augmented Reality, Andres R. Montenegro

Submissions from 2013

Emerging Technologies for Interactive Animation, Andres R. Montenegro


Short animated film "The Little Quest of Petrovsky", Andres R. Montenegro

Submissions from 2012


Culture Reflections Embodied in Modern Architecture: An Analysis Symbolic Meanings of Classical Chinese Garden Design Elements and Principles, Suining Ding

Submissions from 2011


Freshmen's Drawing Abilities with Multi-media: an Analysis of Portfolios with Grading Rubrics, Suining Ding

Visual Communication Design Simposium, Andres R. Montenegro and Allen Etter

Submissions from 2010

The Expression of Indigenous African Iconography in Afro‐Cuban Visual Art, Haig David-West


Freehand Drawing vs. Transformed Digital Drawing: A Preliminary Study and Comparison, Suining Ding

Submissions from 2009


An Analysis in Collaborative Studio: Engaging Students, Faculty and Practitioners, Suining Ding

Physical Computing/Hybrid Realities, Richard Elaver

Submissions from 2008

Cognitive Mapping in Service Learning and Civic Engagement in a Studio Course with an ADA Accessible Project, Suining Ding

Privacy in Open Plan Office: A Qualitative Inquiry, Suining Ding

Generative Digital Design, Richard Nelipovich

Submissions from 2007


Developing Generic Procedures of Creating Architectural Components for 3-D AutoCAD Course, Suining Ding

Using Solid Modeling with Geometric Analysis to Reconstruct Ancient Architecture, Suining Ding

Algorithmic Design, Richard Nelipovich

Submissions from 2006

A Real World Project Based Learning Component: Interaction with End-Users through 3D models, Suining Ding


Teaching Dynamics of Cultural Dimensions In Design To Create Sustainable Environment: A Cross-Cultural Comparison Of Architecture, Suining Ding

Submissions from 2005


An Integrated Approach to Teach 3-D AutoCAD Crossing the Boundary of Architectural History, Suining Ding


Engaging in a Dialogue with History through Digital 3-D AutoCAD Models, Suining Ding

Meaningful Cultural Reflection: Another Perspective of Sustainable Environment, Suining Ding

Submissions from 1012

Ancestral, Secret African Imaging in Contemporary Afro-Cuban Visual Expression: Analysis of the Presence of Ekpe and Abakuá Graphic Images, Haig David-West