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American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) Annual Conference & Exposition

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Portland, OR

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Proceedings of American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) Annual Conference & Exposition


American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE)

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It seems there is a boundary line between the disciplines of modern technology and history. Can these two be interrelated and interact on each other? The answer is yes. Generally speaking, 3-D AutoCAD is taught in a traditional way which means students follow the tutorial text book and learn the software without any cultural or historical content. The projects and exercises for students are focused on learning the commands and technology only. This study is to explore a new integrated approach to teach 3-D AutoCAD. It necessitates interdisciplinary dialogue and collaborative action across the boundaries of courses taken by architectural and interior design students within the engineering technology department. In this 3-D AutoCAD course, the learning of Roman architecture history is reinforced. Students are expected to create a hybrid interior space with Roman architectural components. Roman architectural materials are introduced to students for their design and appreciation. The purpose of this new teaching method is not only to teach 3-D rendering software for construction of a realistic model for a new design concept, but also to teach students reconstruction of ruined ancient Roman buildings with real materials and lightings. Furthermore, historical reflection will be addressed through the integration enhancing student knowledge of Roman architecture. This paper presents the results of assessment for this integrated approach of teaching 3-D AutoCAD and makes recommendations to the university community for future 3-D AutoCAD teaching. Many issues related to integration of computer technology and architecture history were discovered which will provide valuable information for future course format and content not only for AutoCAD courses, but also for architecture history courses as well as architecture and interior design studio courses.


Architecture | Interior Architecture