The Implementation of an Interactive Phenomenological Narrative Through Real Time 3D Animations, 2D Animations, 3D Models, Images, and Virtual Environments Using Augmented Reality

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Presentation Date

Summer 7-2015

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The 27th International Society for Animation Studies Annual Conference “Beyond the Frame”

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Canterbury Christ Church University, UK


This presentation will articulate the conceptual and practical implementation of an interactive system based on animations and 3D models. It will utilize the Augmented Reality quick responses (QR) display graphics. The proposed model will open a discussion about how to display a dynamic navigation within an artificial setting or environment created through AR as well. Augmented Reality in the world of computer graphics is simply defined as the action of superimposing, via software generation, an artificial construction (computer generated) over the real world surface. This visualization process occurs when the camera of a mobile device like the iPhone, iPad, or other holographic optical based gadget, perceives and exposes graphics and images linked to a marker component that is attached to a real world object. Today the potential of interactive animations and images combined with text makes the content development in Augmented Reality a very promising venue to implement an artistic narrative based on multiple responses. Of course the viewer will be able to organize or manipulate this system. The same conceptual and practical model can be implemented for Virtual Reality immersive environments. In this presentation there will be several examples developed by my students, including my personal projects as well. The audience will appreciate the use of tactile gestures, body movements (through accelerometers) and other sensing capabilities provided by mobile devices (based on Android, or iOS). The ultimate goal of the presentation is to feature a compelling narrative based on an experiential phenomenological approach. It will be achieved by the manipulation of animations, images, 3D models, and virtual environments


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