Submissions from 2015


Two Phenomenological Notions as Expressed in the Interactive Art Contained within Myron Krueger and Jeffrey Shaw's Immersive Environment, Andres R. Montenegro

Submissions from 2014


Structural and Architectural Designs of the Optimum Alternative for Rio 2016 Olympic Tennis Stadium, Mohammad A. Alhassan, Andres R. Montenegro, Bruno Carvalho, and Eduardo Sztrajtman

Submissions from 2013

Photoshop for Interior Designers: A Nonverbal Communication, Suining Ding

Nuevas modalidades y prácticas estéticas para desarrollar imágenes renderizadas CGI en el “atelier” del artista, Andres R. Montenegro

Submissions from 2011

Sketching Interiors: From Traditional to Digital, Suining Ding


New Aesthetics and Practical Venues for Rendered CGI images in Studio Art, Andres R. Montenegro

Submissions from 2009

Three images (self portraits) and an artist profile, Benita Brewer

Three Photographic Images, Jim Gabbard

Submissions from 2008

Indigenous African Iconography In Contemporary AfroCuban Visual Art, Haig David-West

Modeling and Visualization with AutoCAD, Suining Ding


Representing the Past by Solid Modeling + Golden Ratio Analysis, Suining Ding


Rethinking Design Process: Using 3D Digital Models as an Interface in Collaborative Session, Suining Ding

Users’ Privacy Preference in Open Plan Offices, Suining Ding