Submissions from 2016

Carrie Schneider's Reading Women: Contemporary Photographs from an Historical Perspective, Janet Badia

“Daughter, Mother, Reader: Interpretation and Intimacy in the Sylvia Plath Archive", Janet Badia

Reading Women/Page Turners, Janet Badia

Submissions from 2012

“Plath’s Debt to Ms. Magazine" (Featured Presentation), Janet Badia

Submissions from 2011

Feminist Moves: A Multi-Disciplinary, Multi-Media Performance on Representations of the Body, Janet Badia

The Genocide Awareness Project on the College Campus: Deploying a Feminist Response, Janet Badia

Submissions from 2010

Teaching Girl Culture Through Service-Learning, Janet Badia

Submissions from 2009

Take Charge and Take Care: Constructions of Gendered Identities in Self-Help Guides for Academic Women, Janet Badia

“‘The dogs are eating your mother’: Ted Hughes and the Plath Reader”, Janet Badia