The 2015 IPFW Writing Program Writing Showcase was held in the Learning Commons on Monday, April 13th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. The Showcase, sponsored by the Department of English and Linguistics, provides an opportunity for students who have taken writing courses in the department to display their writing and research endeavors. The presentations are judged, and winners earn monetary awards.


Submissions from 2015

The Power of Unique Expression: Visual Analysis of Banksy Art, Thomas Bolinger

City Speak, Katherine Dwire

Rafael Correa, Media Regulation, and Presidential Disruption in the Republic of Ecuador, Elizabeth Erazo

Early Detection of Schizophrenia: How Treating Schizophrenia Early Affects Long-Term Prognosis, Elisa Hernandez

Dangers of Concussions, Malissa Hofmeister

Sweet Pea and Big C, Bonnie Miller

The Black Death, Ali Rairigh

Making Nice with Social Anxiety Disorder, Sara Spaulding

Dentistry and Mercury: Breaking Up is Hard to Do, Makayla Wakeman